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Mar 2023



project overview


The challenge with Knotfest was multi-faceted, involving logistical intricacies, creative demands, and stringent timelines. Knotfest, a multi-city music festival featuring 15 bands and attracting over 90,000 patrons, required our team at 180 Creative to deliver same-day recaps, live edits, and a comprehensive aftermovie. The task was complex; we needed to coordinate a travelling four-person team, capture moments from 15 different bands across three cities, and meet tight deadlines for creating high-quality, engaging content that encapsulated the festival’s energy and ethos.


Our primary goal was to capture the lifeblood of Knotfest in a way that allowed fans to relive the experience through visually stunning and emotionally engaging content. This included delivering same-day recaps and live edits for social media channels as well as producing a comprehensive aftermovie. We aimed to achieve high engagement rates on social media, win acclaim from both festival organisers and fans, and meet all our client’s expectations, thus enhancing 180 Creative’s reputation as a leading creative design agency.


Planning and Coordination:

Before the festival, we conducted in-depth research and pre-production activities, liaising closely with festival organisers, bands, and other stakeholders. This enabled us to schedule shots, set up equipment, and secure the best vantage points for filming.

Live Filming and Editing:

Utilising state-of-the-art equipment, we captured live moments from multiple angles, encapsulating the atmosphere and emotions of the festival. After each show, our team quickly edited this footage to create same-day recaps and live moment edits for each city.

Creative Storytelling:

We focused on storytelling elements to make the audience feel part of the festival. By selecting significant moments from performances, crowd reactions, and behind-the-scenes, we created engaging visuals that captured the essence of Knotfest.

Aftermovie Production:

Post-festival, our team worked on producing a visually stunning aftermovie. This involved advanced editing techniques, including colour grading, sound design, and motion graphics, all designed to leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Outstanding Results:

The final deliverables received high engagement on social media, garnered positive reviews from both the festival organisers and fans, and met all the client’s expectations, thus underscoring our capability to deliver outstanding results under challenging conditions.

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