Stephen Sanchez


Universal Music




Apr 2024

project overview


Stephen Sanchez’s Melbourne show at The Forum, a collaboration with Universal Music Group, presented a unique set of challenges. Our task was to capture the essence of the performance, highlighting both the artist’s dynamic stage presence and the iconic venue’s atmosphere. With the need to deliver high-quality, engaging content for Universal Music Group’s promotional use, we faced tight deadlines and high creative expectations.


The primary goal was to create visually stunning and emotionally resonant video content that encapsulated the energy and emotion of Stephen Sanchez’s live performance. This included capturing key moments of the show, audience interactions, and the overall ambiance of The Forum. Our objective was to produce content that would engage fans, enhance the artist’s promotional material, and meet the high standards of Universal Music Group.


Planning and Coordination:

Prior to the show, we conducted thorough pre-production planning, coordinating with Universal Music Group and the event organisers. This involved detailed scheduling, equipment setup, and securing optimal filming positions to ensure comprehensive coverage of the performance.

Live Filming:

Utilising high-definition cameras and professional audio recording equipment, we captured the live performance from multiple angles. This approach allowed us to highlight the artist’s stage presence, the audience’s reactions, and the unique features of The Forum.

Creative Storytelling:

Our focus was on creating a narrative that drew viewers into the live experience. By carefully selecting and editing footage of key performance moments, crowd interactions, and behind-the-scenes shots, we crafted a compelling visual story that conveyed the excitement and energy of the show.


After the event, our team dedicated significant effort to editing the footage. This involved advanced techniques such as colour grading, sound enhancement, and integrating dynamic visual effects to produce a polished and engaging final product.

Outstanding Results:

The final video content received positive feedback from Universal Music Group, effectively capturing the essence of Stephen Sanchez’s Melbourne show. The engaging visuals and high-quality production enhanced the promotional efforts for the artist, showcasing our ability to deliver exceptional results under tight deadlines and high creative demands.

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